Thursday, 10 May 2012

Needed Equipment

When I have raised some capitol for my blog (through blog ads and eBay) I will be looking to buy equipment to further my blog and eBay income.

I have 3 major options and 1 minor option:
  • Digital Scales - These will be useful for helping to calculate eBay postage costs, this will in turn save me time/money and will be able to offer the customer a better deal.

  • Smartphone - A smartphone woud be extremely helpful (with big internet contract) to answer on the go email/update twitter and other social networks. I can also use the camera too take eBay images and also youtube videos. The only drawback is the £40+ contract every month.

  • Digital Camera - This will take high quality images for eBay and the blog, also be able to record in HD for youtube.

  • Business Cards - This will help add traffic to the blog by putting them in the eBay packages etc.
All of these will be needed in the end but we will see which ones come first, I'll keep you comfortable.

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