Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Hello everybody, A few weeks ago I wrote a up a few goals that I would hope to achieve through this blog. I noticed alot of other personal finance blogs are doing it e.g. No More Spending and Give Me Back My 5 Bucks both blogs that I follow and enjoy.

Blog Goals:

Earn Money Off of Blog - I have achieved this by succesfully signing up to GoogleAdsense and I hope some money will be coming my way soon.

Start YouTube Channel - I see a lot of personal finance blog's but not many YouTube channels where you actually follow their story, so I intend to in the future start up a weekly/monthly channel.

Start Facebook Page - At the moment I am putting all of my networking effort into Twitter because I find it more interactive, A Facebook page will be up in the future!

Finance Goals:

Reach £100 - I am very close to this achievement and hope to have a YouTube channel ready, so I can upload reaching the £100 milestone

I have loads of other financial goals all the way upto £1000, so you get the idea. By the way I'm not stopping at £1000 just thats my goal for the forseable future.

Twitter Goals:

Reach 10 Followers - I have finally got my 10 followers! I am currently at 15, help me out by following me here

My main goal for twitter is to get to 100 followers.

Well that pretty much somes up my goal list , do you have similar targets or set yourself regular goals?

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